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Auto insurance is a specific policy required by the great state of Texas for all licensed drivers. This policy provides coverage for all those particularly involved in collisions, however, since it is mandated by the state, if you are caught driving without insurance, you will be fined for doing so. 

In any instance, auto insurance is for the general protection of all those on the road today. Without insurance, many collisions on Texas’ highways would not otherwise be covered and the losses would be staggering.

Texas auto insurance policies provide an array of specific coverages depending on your particular situation. The most popular terms you’ll hear today are related to full coverage insurance and/or liability only insurance.. 

To provide with the most relevant updated information, you can scroll down a bit further and click on the table below for a brief but precise description of the different coverages offered and their particular use.

Texas Auto Insurance Coverages

Liability is required by law and is provided by every type of insurance policy available in Texas and other US states. Liability helps protect the other party (in case of collision) for damage or harm that you cause in the event of a collision. Liability coverage extends to the passengers of the other vehicle(s), the property of the party(ies), and your passenger(s).

This particular coverage is an option, but highly recommended. It extends coverage to you and those in your vehicle including your vehicle for damage caused by other who either are driving illegally without insurance, or do not have sufficient coverage on their policy to cover all damages. This particular coverage comes with a small deductible of $250.

This coverage is meant specifically for you, the driver/owner of your vehicle. It is also optional and extends medical coverage to you with limitations (Medical) and can offer loss of wages (PIP) should you be out of work in relation to the accident involved in.

Collision coverage is optional but required by finance companies who extended financing to you for the purchase of your vehicle. This coverage comes with a few deductible options and provides repair coverage to your vehicle in the event of a collision.

Comprehensive coverage is required again when your vehicle is financed by a lending institution. This portion of coverage protects and repairs your vehicle in the even of damage from anything else other than collision. Damage from Hail, flooding, falling objects, etc.

This is optional coverage as well but can only be added along with Comprehensive and Collision coverage included. It provides a rental vehicle with limitations on cost and period of time for usage. Discuss your options with your agent.

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