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Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

Flood Insurance ... What is it?

We all know what happens during periods of extremely heavy rains in our area as we see it on the news when it happens, neighborhoods and businesses are up to their ears with water rushing in and creating havoc and damage both to structures and personal/business property. The sad part is what happens after the flood occurs.

Too many people are sadly mistaken about their coverage on their homeowners insurance and they don’t realize until they try to file a claim that they do NOT have coverage for damage caused by flooding. Others simply just try to rebuild as they never thought about looking into a “flood” policy believing that it was too expensive. In all honesty, a flood insurance policy can cost less that a full coverage auto policy in some instances.


flood insurance in Harlingen tx

Flood insurance policies come with specific coverages of their own from physical damage to your property to structural damage as well. Personal and business property can also be covered under a good flood policy to it’s critical for you to specify your needs when obtaining a flood policy for your home or business.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Your flood policy covers damage to the interior and exterior of your home or business including, in some instances, structural damage.

Contents within your home or business can be covered, too. Speak with our agents to determine the amount of coverage needed for your situation.

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