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The Best Renters Insurance Policies in the Rio Grande Valley

Renters Insurance in Brownsville Tx

Renters have rights, too!

Whether you own your own home or not, people are entitled to personal property and there are many people out there who prefer to rent a home or apartment over ownership.

Which brings us to the topic of coverage for renters. Renters can accumulate personal property just as your traditional homeowner does and as such, they are entitled to protect their personal belongings just like everyone else.

Renters insurance looks much like a homeowners policy with the exception of such coverages as dwelling and other structures, other than that, the similarities are there.

Of the similar coverages you will notice for a renters policy are:

  • content coverage
  • liability coverage
  • loss of use coverage
  • medical payments coverage

just to name a few. 

Your Renters Policy Covers

Renters Insurance covers losses to a tenant’s personal property as a result of a covered loss such as fire, vandalism, theft, etc.

Covers a tenant in the event that a visitor gets injured on the property you rent and believes you are liable.

Your renters policy also assists you in acquiring temporary living in the event that your current rental home or apartment is not livable as a result of a covered loss.

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