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Umbrella Insurance is NOT an Option

Why Is Umbrella Insurance So Important?

Umbrella insurance is probably the most over-looked policy simply because most people don’t understand it’s value. Your current policy, whether personal or business, offers coverage but only up to certain limits or limitations and normally will not be sufficient to cover catastrophic events. 

How does it protect you?

Just like holding an umbrella in a rainstorm, everyone standing under it is protected from the rain, umbrella insurance acts in the same manner.

An umbrella policy protects, in short, all your personal or business assets  in the event of a catastrophic loss caused by you where another party holds you (or believed to be caused by you) liable/responsible generally for an injury that was caused.

For business owners, this coverage kicks in if customers or employees hold you accountable for injuries where they feel you were negligent. 

Catastrophic events can happen at anytime and anywhere, we are never prepared for it. You’ve probably seen these types of events on the news where people are severely injured or even death has occurred whether in a place of business or even in a car accident. To sum it up, here are a few instances where an umbrella policy can protect ALL your assets…


  • death in a collision caused by you/family member
  • a guest injures themselves at your home
  • a guest bitten by your dog

Business Owners/Companies-

  • a customer gets injured on your business property and holds you negligent
  • an employee is injured on the job and holds you negligent
  • death to a customer/employee at your location
  • slander to others that is believed to be caused by you or a member of your staff/employees

These are just a few of the many possibilities out there, so talk to your insurance agent or give us a call should you have any questions regarding an umbrella policy.

Your Umbrella Coverage

Your Umbrella policy covers in excess of what your current policy covers, meaning, in the event of a catastrophic loss that exhausts your current policy, umbrella will cover above and beyond your general policy.

Your umbrella insurance has the potential to cover property damage in many but not all circumstances. This is a subject that must be discussed with an insurance professional.

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